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Top 10 Tips for Amazing Trade Show Booth Design

Exhibiting at trade shows is a fundamental part of many companies’ marketing strategies. The average trade show is a busy and congested area with many booths competing for attendee’s attention. To succeed in this arena your trade show booth design must be original and creative. From exhibit graphics to details like lighting, flooring, and accessories, making the right choices is critical to your success.

Our tips and secrets can help you get more for your investment when you exhibit at trade shows and market your business, services, and products.

Trade Show Booth Design Tips for Success

1. Eye-catching trade show booth design combines a variety of different mediums and materials. This will help you gain better brand exposure and product recognition and that means a better response to your displays. Seamless integration between marketing mediums will help attract more visitors to your booth and generate more leads for you.

“The best exhibit design is one that is consistent, and that flows together seamlessly.”

From our article, 10 Things the Best Trade Show Booths Have in Common. Click here to read the complete article.

2. After you have chosen the exhibit graphics, you should make the important decisions on which technology to use, before you even start the design process. When you know what technology you will offer then this is included at the very start of the design process, and that will help you create an exhibit that is highly effective with integrated technology that is appealing.

Video monitors or televisions, tablets and smart phones to capture leads, LED lighting, and digital signage are popular types of technology to consider for your exhibit design.

“As the cost of LEDs and digital signage continues to drop, more exhibitors will make use of these products…”


3. The most successful trade show booth design meets the primary objectives that have been set. You may want more open space so that visitors feel invited in and you get better lead generation, or you may need plenty of tabletop areas so people can fill out cards or order forms. Some exhibitors require walls to create meeting areas. Find your objectives and then meet them.

Initial Rewards Trade Show Booth Design

Initial Rewards trade show exhibit by the Design Factory. To see more images of this contemporary design click here.

4. It is very important to remember that the best trade show booth design is not created overnight, or even in a week or two. One of the most common mistakes is underestimating the time required to produce innovative exhibits that dazzle and draw people in. Start as early as possible.

5. The products you display are just as important as the exhibit graphics that you use. The best trade show booth design often has a limited array of products on display instead of trying to put one of every product that the company can provide. Too many products can give your area a cluttered appearance. Remember that less is sometimes more.

“…doing a trade show gives a new brand an invaluable opportunity to get their product in front of main decision makers.”

Source: Christine Syquia for

6. Your trade show booth design does not have to be huge and extremely expensive, but it does need to market your business and products effectively. When you are deciding on all of the aspects with your display, you must strike a balance between the impact your marketing has with the total cost incurred. Don’t forget to include transport and drayage charges.

“Working with multiple shippers, warehouses, vendors and schedules can create a volatile mix. Experience pays off in the details of trade show freight coordination.”

Source: Network Convention Services

7. All of the exhibit graphics that you choose should clearly show that you are an authority in your chosen area. Make these state what you do, why you are an expert in this area, and who you are. Be consistent with this branding and you will see better results from your exhibits and investment.

8. When developing your trade show booth design consider whether it will work well and be flexible in a variety of situations. You can plan your exhibiting schedule well in advance and the right design can be used repeatedly without becoming stale or outdated. This will allow you to take into account different events, sizes, and even floor locations.

9. Visual impact is what helps your trade show booth design really stand out on the event floor. Use colors that are appropriate for your brand and that offer maximum impact. Include some big images on banners and other display areas in order to show off what you have to offer.

10. Don’t overload your exhibit graphics with numerous words and many different messages. A great image needs few words to explain it, and any message that you are trying to get across should be short and to the point. Avoid long bullet lists because these can turn people away instead of showing them what you can do for them.

If your marketing strategy includes trade shows, your exhibit design can shine if you follow our tips. Call us today at 702-656-0555 for more information and to plan your next trade show booth.


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