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Safely Re-opening Las Vegas Business’: How DFLV Can Help

The COVID-19 crisis has been, and will continue to be, a challenge for everyone around the world. As Las Vegas starts to reopen and people start to go back to work, the uncertainty of how we will adjust to the “new normal” remains to be seen. We’ve jumped into action from the start to put our capabilities to good use and offer response solutions for the Healthcare community as well as small businesses looking to adjust to make employees and customers feel safer as return to work. Our experience in design and space planning for trade shows and conventions allows our design team to offer new floor-plan solutions to existing restaurants and office spaces. We can also design and fabricate new temporary elements that will compliment the look and feel of your original space.

Restaurant Solutions:

*All examples shown are 100% customizable based on your needs.

Safer Workspace Solutions:


If you have questions about our products or services, drop us a note or give us a call and we will contact you asap.

  • +1 702 656 0555
  • 4318 W. Cheyenne Ave
    North Las Vegas, 89032



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