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Good Guy’s Letter…

Sometimes its best said from our clients’ we partner with:

EMAIL: Once again, my complements to your personnel

Lance and Jim again did a great job of installing and dismantling our booth at the Strategies in Light show at the Sands.

They are very friendly, efficient, have a great, “can do” attitude and truly care about doing a good job.  We had two unexpected “issues” the exhibit and with our crate… they went above and beyond what I would have expected, and within minutes “creatively” handled the problems.  Having worked with many other I & D companies throughout the US, I know that this level of personal initiative is exceptional. 

We’ve been working with Design Factory/Network I&D for about a dozen years and you are the only company we will ever have install our Las Vegas exhibits. 

Best regards, 

 Ron Ziotkowski 

No BS Marketing Solutions Inc. 
Consultant and Agent for AC Electronics Inc. 


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