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Should you buy or rent your next tradeshow exhibit?

Planning for a tradeshow can be overwhelming!  We’re sure you have lots of questions and we would like to offer some insight on a specific topic:  Should you buy or rent your next tradeshow exhibit?  The first question you should ask yourself is how many tradeshows does your company attend a year.  If the answer is three or more, you should consider your options for purchasing a display.  That said, renting can also be a smart decision depending on the types of shows you attend.

Here are some helpful points that people often forget when deciding to purchase:

1. Storage and Asset Management costs:  Storing an exhibit, large or small, can carry some significant fees that may eat away at your Marketing budgets.  Exhibit companies will charge loading fee’s, pre/post show booth management, refurbishment if needed when you own your tradeshow assets.  Make sure your budget has taken these fees into consideration when deciding to purchase.  

2.  Buy Custom or Modular exhibit?  Does your tradeshow schedule require flexibility in the design/layout?  If so, consider some modular (often called “system”) exhibits that can be reconfigured into smaller or larger layouts that work for your company.  Modular exhibits will also save your company a signifiant amount of money on freight, material handling and even install and dismantle.  These booths are typically lightweight and require much less crating for storage.  

Renting tradeshow exhibits has a lot of benefits.  The first,  at least with us, you’re not locked into the first point made above.  Your company will carry no overhead on renting the display for your show.  You will own and can re-use and graphics that are purchased for future events.  If you are attending a tradeshow for the first time, and your company is not ready to make a capital investment on purchasing, rent your booth and let it be a learning experience. 


If you have more questions, we have the experienced Sr. Account Executives that can assist you and lead you in the right direction.  Give us a call.  We would love to hear from you!




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