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10 Things the Best Trade Show Booths Have in Common

With over five million convention delegates last year in Las Vegas, there is a variety of opinions about what makes the best trade show booths. Nevertheless, the most outstanding trade show exhibits all have some things in common; even if they have different exhibit design elements and components.

What do the Best Trade Show Booths have in Common?

Two vastly different exhibits may both be very popular and receive a lot of traffic for the same reasons, and smaller displays can be just as successful as larger ones as long as they are carefully planned and well thought out.

1. The Best Trade Show Booths Visually Appeal to Visitors

The most popular trade show booths will be visually appealing to the event visitors in some way. This appeal may be the colors used, the overall neatness and professionalism on display, or other features. Graphics, colors, and display lines are all components that can help to create visual appeal for your booth.

Best Trade Show Booths

Our trade show exhibit design for Dashing Diva used vibrant colors for powerful and precise branding. Click here to see more images of the booth we designed for them for Cosmoprof 2014.

2. A Consistent Exhibit Design is Essential

The best exhibit design is one that is consistent, and that flows together seamlessly. If you use various components from previous shows that have different styles and messages, you could end up confusing visitors to your booth instead of attracting them and bringing them in as a customer.

3. Top Vendors Appeal to the Senses

Some of the best trade show booths with impressive rates of traffic are those that appeal to all of the senses. Colors appeal to the sight, and you can engage the sense of smell with food products or aromatic items. Soothing music played softly can attract people who hear it. Try to appeal to as many senses as possible.

“If you can simultaneously reach your audience through sight, smell, and sound, you will make a greater impact upon them.”


4. Show Visitors How the Product or Service Can Help Them

The best trade show booths do more than just provide details and information on the company and products showcased. Use demos and other techniques to show visitors how your products and services can help them, solve a need they have, or make their life better in some way. This will help turn consumers into customers faster and give you higher sales for the event.

5. Meet a Need That Consumers Have

Every aspect of your exhibit design should reinforce that your company or products meet a need that consumers have, preferably in a way that your competitors cannot. If what you offer provides value then you will usually be more successful at these events.

6. Interactive Components Attract Bigger Crowds

Add one or more interactive components to your trade show booths to boost your appeal and attract bigger crowds. When your exhibits interact with visitors it engages them, and this will typically cause a favorable impression and help individuals remember who you are and what you are selling.

“When designing your stand, try to get motion, activity and sound on it to attract attention.”

Source: Montana Department of Agriculture Trade Show Assistance Program. Click here to read their complete exhibiting tips.

7. Giving Visitors a Break

Some of the best trade show booths include space in their exhibit design to offer visitors a chance to take a break. You can do this with a table and a few chairs, or provide a relaxing massage chair that helps relieve tension with a 10-minute massage. A day at a trade show can be tiring, and people appreciate the opportunity to take a load off for a few minutes.

8. Engage Traffic to the Booth

Designing and building trade show booths is not enough to be successful, you also have to engage the attendees who stop by your area in order to get your message across and gain their business. If you do not do this visitors may not even take your promotional materials.

Carefully choose and train your exhibit staff. Make certain they are welcoming, friendly, and outgoing. They are the face of your business!

9. Easy Information Access is a Big Consideration

Your trade show booths should make it easy for people to get the information that they want without blocking off the traffic flow. If people must talk to your staff or wait in a long line before they can get simple information then they may pass you by for one of your competitors instead.

10. A Contest or Drawing is a Popular Feature

In the past some of the most successful exhibits were those that held a contest or drawing with a prize that is valuable or desired by many people. Some hold a grand prize drawing for something big like a vacation or a new laptop; others hold many smaller drawings or contests with less valuable prizes.

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