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10×30 Rental Exhibit: BMS Inc.

10×30 end-cap rental exhibit, BMS, combines three core requirements for a truly functional 10×30 exhibit and allowed BMS to execute a successful tradeshow: 

1. Informal meeting space:  Informal meeting spaces does not mean that you don’t want some privacy.  Small, branded, privacy walls can provide just the amount of privacy needed to conduct a important meeting without being distracted by the traffic on the aisles of the tradeshow floor.  Using ‘frosted’ semi-transparent substrates is a great solution for small spaces.


2. Alcove counter unit with locking storage, combining sales demo/learning stations.:  We designed the first 120 square ft of the display to be used for sales demo/informative stations so that BMS could educate new prospects on the several product lines they sell.


3.  Once the prospect was educated on the products, a informative video was given to show real time examples of  the given product in the field.  This flow and functionality within the 10×30 rental exhibit, allowed BMS to provide an efficient sales process thought the show that was hugely successful.


If you have questions about our products or services, drop us a note or give us a call and we will contact you asap.

  • +1 702 656 0555
  • 4318 W. Cheyenne Ave
    North Las Vegas, 89032



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