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10×30 Exhibit Rental Design We Love: De Anda

This 10×30 exhibit rental design meets all the criteria for GREAT exhibit design:

1. Space planning:  10×30 exhibit spaces are long, and space is limited for obvious reasons.  How you decide the use the space and create a booth that is functional and unique is very important.  For De And a, the space was separated into three 10-12′ sections, each of which met a requirement for the client; small storage area/reception,  informal meeting space, and a private meeting area.

2. Functional:  Although the space is separated into three dedicated areas, the space still has clear lines of sight between each space.  This allows the booth to feel inviting, allowing the De Anda team to work together inside the space without confusion.

3. Graphics/Branding: The location of the De Anda logo can be seen from any angle approaching the display.  Important!  The space also allows for an appropriate amount of graphics in each location.  A clean and contemporary feel is the result.

4. Audio Visual:  Audio Vision is a key component to attract attention to your booth and display information about your products and services.  De Anda uses (2) 42″ LCD monitors in each meeting area to present information about their services with visuals and video content.  


Please take some time and see more well designed exhibit rentals in our RENTAL portfolio page.  If you have any questions or would like info in pricing, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We would love to hear from you.


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